About Our Pharmacy

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RX Compound Centre is a compounding pharmacy located in Middle Tennessee that uses alternative methods to provide unique solutions for the individual patient's medication challenges. Our mission is to serve our patients with medications that are specifically tailored for them. We exist to help those who for one reason or another have not been adequately served by mass-market medications.

Some of these unique methods include Transdermal Gels, Flavored Medications and Liquid Medications for patients and animals who have trouble swallowing large pills.

We are strictly a non-sterile compounding facility. We do not compound nor manufacture injectable medications.

Meet Our Pharmacists

Jonathan Bain, PharmD

I was raised in Columbia Tennessee, and met my wife, Andrea, in College at UT Martin. After we completed our professional training we moved all around the United States. While working in North Carolina and Kentucky to Los Angeles California I have been able to get a better feel for the many ways that pharmacy practice can be done. My family is so excited to be offering specialized medication therapy for our local family here in Columbia as well as our extended family all across the United States. Finding the right medication, dose, and formulation is what we strive for with everyone.

Ashley Williams, RPhT

Ashley is dedicated to providing excellent patient care.