Rx Compound Centre carries a full line of supplements that can be purchased without a prescription. Each supplement is carefully selected for each patient. We only carry products that we have patients actively taking so we will always have firsthand experience with each supplement we share with you. We carry a lot of Ortho Molecular Products as they have a great track record with ingredients, consistency, pricing, and data to back up their products. All of this is of the utmost importance to us.

These are a few of our most commonly used supplements:

  • Orthobiotic (probiotic)
  • Cosmedix (for skin, hair, and nails)
  • Methyl B Complex (8 B vitamins designed for better absorption)
  • Orthomune/Viracid (immune boosting blends)
  • D Hist and D Hist Jr (natural relief from allergies for adults and children)
  • Thyrotain (thyroid support)